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Dr. Rebecca Powers of ECU to Present Research in Charleston: Feb. 17

Feb. 17, 2012 — 4 p.m., MRRI Auditorium at Fort Johnson, 205 Fort Johnson, Charleston, S.C.

Dr. Rebecca Powers of East Carolina University has been invited by NOAA Coastal Services Center to speak at the Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar Series on Feb. 17. She will present research conducted by an interdisciplinary team from the Center for Sustainable Tourism and funded by North Carolina Sea Grant. The research focused on the "Effects of Oil in Coastal Waters on Tourism-Impacted Business' Preparedness and Response." Dr. Powers will also present this research at the Social Coast Forum 2012 to be held Feb. 15-16 in Charleston.

The Coastal Services Center sponsors a local marine science seminar series along with a consortium of other Charleston-located federal and state agencies and universities. The target audience for the seminar series is marine biology students along with local researchers. Although the focus of the seminar series is usually on traditional biological, chemical, and physical aspects of marine science, the Center also looks to expose the community to relevant social science and policy topics.

You can find more information about the Fort Johnson Marine Science Seminar Series at