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Call for Participation: University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) Meeting: Jan. 28-30

Jan. 28-30, 2013NC State University, Raleigh

The upcoming University Global Partnership Network (UGPN) meeting will feature two major tracks, providing opportunities to grow new faculty-based partnerships and to enhance existing partnerships. The afternoon of Jan. 28 and entire day on Jan. 29 will be devoted to these tracks. To learn more about the recently finalized schedule, click here.

Track 1: Water Resources

The UGPN is focusing on water resources as a major direction for new partnership activities. Concurrent sessions at the meeting will be organized around the interests of attendees, in the following general areas:

  • Dams — pros and cons
  • Relationship between climate change and water resources
  • Energy and water
  • Water quality, sanitation and treatment
  • Relationship between biodiversity and the uses of water
  • Water resources for agriculture and fisheries

Faculty members interested in presenting a paper in one of these areas (or on other related topics) as a basis for developing UGPN collaboration should submit a proposal to the appropriate UGPN representative at their university.

Track 2: Research Partnership Development

Many faculty teams have begun to form around topics covered at earlier UGPN meetings or through preparation of UGPN proposal submissions. Concurrent sessions will be available at the request of faculty teams to advance their collaborations. Faculty members interested in organizing one of these sessions should submit a proposal to the appropriate UGPN representative at their university. (For example: established connections related to the ASSIST project at NC State or individually-arranged workshops in biosciences — DNA repair, etc.). Track 2 arrangements would be made within hosting departments/faculty by invitation and run parallel to the concurrent sessions in Track 1.

About the UGPN: The University Global Partnership Network is an association of universities established to promote multi-lateral collaboration across 4 key areas: 1) joint research; 2) academic program development; 3) student and faculty exchanges; 4) innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer. The network currently includes the University of Surrey, UK; North Carolina State University, USA; and the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Many of these institutions already had established bilateral relations and the UGPN is designed to leverage mutual strengths in research and education to broaden collaborative endeavors.