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Shipwrecks, Light Towers, Working Boats Featured in Coastwatch


E-Ching Lee, 919/515-9098,

Posted Tuesday, February 12, 2013

North Carolina Sea Grant-funded researchers are studying mummichogs — a baitfish — that could be a barometer for tidal creek health. In North Carolina Sea Grant's Winter 2013 issue of Coastwatch magazine, join Sharon Settlage as she learns about these tiny creatures that can email biologists in Morehead City.


Two maritime heritage fellows are investigating old sea vessels to uncover secrets and develop new conservation methods. Marion Blackburn gets answers on how they are trying to protect and preserve the state's underwater coastal heritage from the effects of time and tide.

North Carolina State University and Sea Grant researchers are showing that mariculture need not be an expensive venture. Join Pam Smith for a visit to a research center known for growing seafood and for testing ideas — the Marine Aquaculture Research Center in Marshallberg.

For years, the light towers at Diamond Shoals and Frying Pan stood abandoned. Now with the help of new owners, the towers are being reborn as places for research and recreation. Travel with Jack Horan and find out what he learns.

At the Outer Banks Seafood Festival last fall, local fishermen's boats were on display. Morgan Jones checks in and describes the vessels that ply along this necklace of islands.

Sea Grant's associate director Steve Rebach retired at the end of 2012. Listen as E-Ching Lee talks with colleagues and family members for a perspective on his contributions.

A hard-to-open oyster shell holds a tasty treat. We share a recipe for broiled oysters from Mariner's Menu: 30 Years of Fresh Seafood Ideas.

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