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NC Amazing Places via Book, Trail, Byway Featured in Coastwatch


E-Ching Lee, 919/515-9098

Posted Friday, July 12, 2013

The Outer Banks National Scenic Byway and Outer Banks Maritime Heritage Trail celebrate the history and culture of the area. In North Carolina Sea Grant's Summer 2013 issue of Coastwatch magazine, come along and explore iconic places with Jack Horan and you might not have to leave your chair! In a related story, Katie Mosher explains Sea Grant's role as a partner in various aspects of the byway and trail.


Sea Grant's new book, North Carolina's Amazing Coast: Natural Wonders from Alligators to Zoeas, made its debut in mid- May with a book signing at Duck's Cottage Downtown Books in Manteo. Co-author Terri Kirby Hathaway shares her excitement with readers about the incredible animals, plants and ecosystems of the coastal region. In a related story, Mosher introduces the creators of the book and a group of Manteo High School science teachers who attended the debut. Look for NC's Amazing Coast in your local bookstore.

Scientists, teachers and informal educators participate in the Research Educator Exchange Forum, known as REEF. The forum, run by the Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Southeast, or COSEE SE, was designed to help marine scientists communicate their work to audiences beyond their research circle. E-Ching Lee explains. In a related story, Kerry Irish checks in on scientists and teachers who connect for a meeting of the minds at a workshop in Carteret County.

Six curious kids from Mooresville, ages 4 to 11, ask an Outer Banks native fisherman about his career. Morgan Jones shares the story.

Travel with Chelsea Pierce to Harkers Island to learn how students are helping crystal skipper butterflies.

Marine debris, oyster health, mercury content and gear changes are among Sea Grant's 15 new Blue Crab and Shellfish Research and Fishery Resource Grant projects. Rhett Register and Lee give a summary.

The N.C. Coastal Resources Law, Planning and Policy Center fellowship exposes North Carolina-based graduate students to coastal law, and provides them skills and contacts throughout the years. Register tracks down former fellows and shares their current successes.

Summer is officially here and many boaters are hitting the waters. However, small changes in boating habits could save fuel and money. Lee explains how simple calculations can help boaters plan for efficient gas usage.

As thousands of beachgoers fill North Carolina beaches this summer, they can thank the National Weather Service and lifeguards for ongoing efforts to improve rip current outlooks. Mosher shares what is being done to better predict rip currents and save lives.

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