Reaching Out To Coastal Communities and Beyond

North Carolina Sea Grant works to ensure that all who are connected to our coast can benefit from the research and outreach programs we provide. Our track record is unparalleled for bringing together business owners, institutional experts, government agencies and community leaders to learn about our coast and from one another.

Essential to our continued success are the many innovative extension and cheap augmentinoutreach programs developed by our dedicated staff located along the coast and in Raleigh. We strive to be active in North Carolina's coastal communities and work hard to keep current with evolving needs and share our resources on a variety of topics, including commercial and recreational fisheries, habitats, seafood science and technology, law and policy, coastal hazards and community development.

im1 Marine Education

We strive to increase marine literacy among people of all ages.

We offer marine education programs based on the latest research to teachers at all grade levels, as well as to informal educators at zoos, aquariums, museums and parks.

Our staff is committed to the continued development and improvement of our research and outreach programs so that they may be felt on local, regional and national levels.

boatbuildingBusiness & Enterprise: We work with commercial and recreational fishermen, seafood dealers, aquaculture farms, local business owners and others in marine trades to ensure community and environmental sustainability and continued development to meet changing needs.

maritimeforest4Ecosystems & Habitats: We help local environmental specialists, scientists, national organizations, and state and local agencies to keep existing ecosystems healthy, help restore those that are damaged, and plan for the future of water and land resources.

pelicansLaw & Policy: We provide policy makers and the public with accurate information to make informed decisions about protecting coastal resources while balancing the changing needs of our communities.

untitled26Living on the Coast: We help people recognize that living on the North Carolina Coast involves more than beautiful beach views and sensational sunsets. Residents and property owners also should understand our coast‚ natural hazards, climate and weather.

whiteoakVisiting the Coast: We understand why North Carolina's picturesque coastlines attract tourists from across the globe, but there is so much to experience beyond the beach!


Photos: Kim Urian (NOAA CCFHR), P. Mann, Donna Finley (Bald Head Island Conservancy), NCSG Stock, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Scott Taylor, Mike Halminski