Extensive Research, Targeted Results

North Carolina is known for its diverse coastal resources‚ unique ecosystems, fisheries, businesses and communities. However, these resources are affected by a variety of issues that are as distinct as our coastal communities themselves. The science-based research produced by North Carolina Sea Grant is instrumental in bringing issues that are critical to maintaining the health of our coastal resources to the forefront of public policy, economic and land-use planning and other natural resource initiatives.

Our research areas and subsequent outreach efforts cover:

  • Aquaculture
  • Coastal Hazards
  • Commercial and Recreational Fisheries
  • Law and Policy
  • Marine Education
  • Seafood Science and Technology
  • Sustainable Coastal Communities
  • Water Quality
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North Carolina Sea Grant administers research funding from state and national sources in the following categories:

Core Research — Supported by a mix of federal and state dollars, this research demonstrates specific needs or issues in North Carolina, and, in some cases, importance across the nation and world.

N.C. Fishery Resource Grant Program (FRG) — Established and funded by the N.C. General Assembly, the FRG program pairs fishermen with university scientists to investigate issues and test solutions in fishing communities and seafood businesses across our state.

bird N.C. Blue Crab and Shellfish Research Program — The N.C. General Assembly established and funds this program to consider various aspects of the life cycles of hard and soft-shell blue crabs, as well as a variety of shellfish.

Other Programs — Other research opportunities include Bycatch Reduction of Marine Mammals in Mid-Atlantic Fisheries, a program funded by NOAA Fisheries in partnership with Sea Grant, and the Sea Grant Minigrant Program, which provides seed and critical issue funding. Also, North Carolina Sea Grant assists in announcing and administering initiatives and competitive programs offered by the National Sea Grant College Program.


Photos: NC Wildlife Resources Commission, Mark Buckler